Our Sofa Bed Central collection is designed by 2 interior designers with a discerning eye for style and one furniture expert who’s been in sofa business for more than 30 years. At a certain point in our design careers, we’ve realized that there is always a compromise when it comes to sleeper sofas - it’s either the style, the function, the size, quality or the price.
The current market has an incredibly small sector of sofa beds to offer! More to it - mattresses are always uncomfortable, sofas don't fit the space and there is not a single one on the market that can has a designer touch to it at an affordable price.
Sofa Bed Central has put together a designer-collection to satisfy most of the style needs at affordable prices.  We offer the best Canadian built + manufactured sofa beds with flexible sizes, convertibility,  quality and function that will change your attitude towards a regular sleeper sofa!
Our MATTRESSES are superior quality. We offer a superior comfort mattress with extra layer of bio-degradable latex (superior to memory foam) to create a sumptuous pillow top. 

Our FABRICS are classic and will compliment any interior space, whether classic, transitional or modern. We are on point with all the latest fashion-forward home trends and color palettes. We offer distinguished textures and discernible styles.
 Why buy just a sofa when you can own a sofa and a bed combined for the price of one? And all of this without any compromises on style, quality or function. 
We believe we have brought your sofa bed experience to the next level! 
Sofa Bed Central is a small team willing to keep the cost affordable: we are able to pass the value on by being the manufacture direct to you, no middle man. We also provide a phone number direct to us for any questions or concerns. We feel it is important to talk to a real person!
 At Sofa Bed Central we believe that nothing compares to a great sleep!